An English Schoolboy In Rome


she held him with as much love as a call girl’s
love for money and desire for safety could express;
with more love than he had ever known.

in the shadow of the Basilica, her mouth of
a thousand salivas both tainted and purified his

the other side of a few walls away, befrocked priests
penalised their defrocked brethren through perverse
fear of castigation.

she spoke the multilingual English of economic necessity,
the recipient of his insecurity, borne over waters blue
into the pale, yearning flanks of her dual compulsion.

his reply heralded an arc of her tears as she was held,
for the first time, in the arms of a fallen, yet elevated
angel, to hear his sympatico blessing, “Io ti amo.”

© James Sapsard 2013

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