Yet There Is Madness In’t


I remember 1820 because I was there.
my last two teenage years and the last
year of my second decade.

whenever I chose to leave was okay
but I hated the feeling of rejection
when I was told to go/sent home.

so I must tell you, that even though
I love you beyond infinity,
I can’t go to the party tonight.

I’m thinking of a friend who died,
wealthy beyond extravagant dreams
and yet he came to me
because he respected my opinion

and of the girl in the blue mini
who lived up and down the road
and who picked me up
and showed me the sights
and shielded me
from her distastefully vulgar parents.

Marianne was in the hammock
waiting for the love that was avoiding her
and that girl who was on the album cover,
I wonder who and what happened to her.
re-issued in digital format for instant
download and aural gratification?

with the advent of media analogue,
we dissidents are no longer radioactive
but still green and glowing in the dark,
indifferent still to entrenched authority
and ignoring the inexplicable limitations
of precisely argued logical constraints.

© James Sapsard 2013

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