Paris When It Sizzles (1964)


The Blonde at the Film

paris_when_it_sizzles Unless otherwise noted, all images are my own

This movie was pretty widely panned when it came out, and I’ve got to agree with most of the critics.  (Have I lost you already?)  The first time I saw it I was very disappointed–how could Audrey Hepburn in Paris not be great?  But as I’ve watched it since then, I can find more to enjoy.  There’s plenty here, even if it isn’t a great movie.

It’s certainly an interesting attempt to make an interesting film with lots of meta-moments and intertextual references.

We’ve got William Holden as Richard Benson, a successful screenwriter who is resting on his previous hits and drinking his impressive fee in Bloody Marys.

Audrey Hepburn is Gabrielle Simpson, a secretary, who is sent in to type up Benson’s  new script a few days before his producer is due to arrive in Paris.

Hepburn and Holden had…

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