When Cooler Than Cool Kids Read Kerouac

forever living second looks at and thoughts of their Friday night love and faux lust experimental methods of millisecond kisses led him to believe that her deliciously dissolute and absinthe lips made his open heart grow Fonda in her Barbarella film noir nearness dream of consciousness celluloid timepiece make peace crisscross boundaries breathless pants cinema obscura life and her fakely hesitant invitation that there would now be a short intermission into territories unknown as they enjoyed their delving may care moments of teenage dissolution evolution and the ice cream lady with her horizontally held cold product and her glistening hot red lips mouthing invitations to part with their meagre pocket money to enjoy her frozen in time delights and all they had in their pockets were deliberately torn out linings and each other’s hands and being the first to leave before the rushed escape from the national anthem always played at the wrong speed and wanting to dare to miss the last bus so that they could lie unheard and unseen in the dry clean ditch the other side of the electric fence after they’d short-circuited away the shock of no admission and she’d pop a mint into her mouth crunch it and kiss it to him and they’d pass it back and forth until long after it was gone just like the last bus and they’d run to the phone box and she’d call her parents saying the film ran late and they didn’t realise and that he’d tried to stop the bus but the driver had ignored him and that his parents would look after her and they delighted in telling lies and enjoying forbidden fruit knowing her parents didn’t know that his parents were away and never would because there was no phone at his home and they’d be indoors in bed and in flagrante delicto by midnight planning and succeeding in waking dissolute and exhausted fourteen hours later and they deliberately wouldn’t wash because dirty her was dirty him and vice versa without the versa and the salt of her teenage armpits was his succour and how in some never understood way she always wanted to be held quiet motionless and staring at the hot afternoon sky before they walked into the forest not as far as Big River but far enough to find deep water and undress and jump in and splash playfully and then climb out clean to dry themselves with their clothes and back to the phone box where she’d tell her parents she’s staying another night and the noisy argument and her ultimatum if they don’t trust her she’ll make him do things to her because she respects their desire to always know better than her or maybe she’ll run away to London and change her name to Hey You and her parents suitably subdued would leave them to it and they’d gaze longingly and lovingly into the infinity and identity of each other’s eyes as they made their way back to perform an abundance of teenage sacrileges mixing grape with grain and Beatles with Rolling Stones and instant coffee in their tea because they were young and fresh and their experiments were just beginning and they were complete in how much or how little they knew because they created and imposed the horizons of their own world and he knows that she knows that he is still between her arms and in her legs and that he will ever be her foremost thought as he was that day she recited those enforced upon her by circumstance vows as she looked into another’s eyes and still saw only him.

© James Sapsard 2016

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