James Sapsard is a Writer, Digital Artist and Photographer.

His books are available through Amazon.

January 1999 – Spent 3 days at ScreenGems Film Studios, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA at the invitation of Frank Capra Jr.
Meeting with John Kretschmer, Production Designer, Dawson’s Creek.
On set during filming of Dawson’s Creek.

August 2002 – Played Lou Tanner in Neil Simon’s “The Gingerbread Lady” at the East Lane Theatre in Harrow, UK, in a 6 night sell out run.


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  1. Hi James, Just saw your post about David Bowie at Royal Albert Hall in 1970. I have a poster for the concert. It says Maureen O’Sullivan, not Maureen O’Hara.
    If you give me your email address I’ll send it to you. I’m trying to find out whether the Maureen O’Sullivan was the famous actress.

    Michael Kelly

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  2. Hi Michael, Thank you so much. You’re absolutely right, it was Maureen O’Sullivan. I struggled to remember which of them it was. My email address is …….. I worked at the RAH in the evenings as a doorman checking tickets. The RAH only employed young Civil Servants for that work because it obviated the need for any background checks. I’ve just found a chap on Facebook who worked in the same Civil Service department and who was also a doorman at the RAH with me. I’m writing to him to ask if he remembers the concert.

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