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“Dreams” Weekend Artists Issue 36 p.29 – December 2014



“Basilica di San Marco, Venezia” Weekend Artists Issue 36 p.30 – December 2014

Basilica di San Marco, Venezia

Basilica di San Marco, Venezia.

“Christmas In London” Weekend Artists Issue 35 p.7 – November 2014

Christmas In London

Christmas In London.

“Vapour Trail” Weekend Artists Issue 35 p.10 – November 2014

Vapour Trail

Vapour Trail.

“San Giorgio Maggiore” Weekend Artists Issue 35 p.13 – November 2014

San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore.

“Photo” Weekend Artists Issue 34 p.30 – October 2014



“Splash” Weekend Artists Issue 33 p.30 – September 2014



“Ten To Twelve” Weekend Artists Issue 32 p.13 – August 2014

Ten To Twelve

Ten To Twelve.

“Girl” Weekend Artists Issue 31 p.21 – July 2014



“Festival” Weekend Artists Issue 30 p.20 – June 2014



“Honor & Glory” Revolutionart Issue 47 p.34 – June 2014

Honor & Glory

Honor & Glory.

“Sunset From My Balcony” Weekend Artists Issue 29 p.20 – May 2014

Sunset From My Balcony

Sunset From My Balcony.

“Late Afternoon” Weekend Artists Issue 28 p.8 – April 2014

Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon.

“Writer’s Conclave” Weekend Artists Issue 27 p.16 – March 2014

Writer's Conclave

Writer’s Conclave.

“La Camargue Tentation D’Eve” Weekend Artists Issue 26 p.34 – February 2014

La Camargue Tentation D'Eve

La Camargue Tentation D’Eve.

“Paradise” Revolutionart Issue 30 pp.50-51 – June 2011

Waiting For Adam

Waiting For Adam.

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