The Trip

Stream of Consciousness …

You know those days when you wake up and get to the hotel dining room for breakfast just before it closes because meals are included in the room rate but you haven’t got over the excesses of last night and you pile your tray high because the staff are about to clear things away and you think you’ll go to the nearest beach although you don’t know where it is or how far and you feel like you could use another 36 hours sleep but you have a duty to get out there and look good and give other people something to talk about so when you get back to your room you put your baggies on under your jeans and you wish you had bushy bushy blond hair but what the hell and you catch a bus to the beach and the scenery looks good but all you have is a stills camera so you set it on video at 15 frames a second and take a 13 minute 45 second film in one moving scene and you try to remember what country you’re in and you look at the road signs for a clue but they might as well be Greek and you don’t understand a word you hear but everyone is smiling at you and you wonder what’ll happen when the bus stops and you have to stop filming . . . well, this is that movie . . .

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