The Guardian – Three photographs on the theme of ‘Motion’

All images © James Sapsard.
Images may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of the copyright holder.

I was enjoying a warm, ouzo evening, watching her dance. Most people had gone. I wanted her dance to be more tangible than a mere memory and when I picked up my camera, her dance became more flamboyant.

I was spending a day at Agios Georgios (Saint George’s Beach) in Corfu. Mid-afternoon, I walked up to the main road to have a coffee. I was amused that the words, ‘Open All Day’, were facing inwards rather than outwards. I saw the daredevils approaching and decided to frame them for something they hadn’t done.

She walked past me. I was about to take the photograph when the train began to pull away. I didn’t want her to be out of range, an empty platform or to use zoom so I took the shot.

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